Tools and tips for developers, freelancers and performance people.


The ultimate time-tracking and invoicing tool for remote freelancers. RemoteOne makes managing your remote businesses simple.


TextJoy sends educational text messages to your friends and family every month.

Peak Freelancer.

A blog exploring peak performance in health, business and the mind.

Eye for Detail.

A podcast investigating what it takes to launch a successful web business.
Co-hosted with Ryan Glover of Clever Beagle.

What we do.

Jumpsoft makes stuff. We craft beautiful software, type thoughtful articles and speak from the heart in podcasts.

Software consulting.

We've been building and designing badass software for years. If you want your project to be beautiful inside and out, give us a call.

Start-up consulting.

We've learnt a lot about launching companies over the last decade. What works and how to ship fast. Let us help streamline your start-up.

Content creation.

We love to put our ideas and research out into the world. Right now we're writing for Peak Freelancer, recording Eye for Detail and streaming on Twitch.

Open-source software.

We love OSS. We openly release our code whenever possible and regularly contribute to our favorite projects.

Get in touch

We're people people and have too much time on our hands so drop us an email and we can have a chat about your new idea.
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